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映画『ZAN ~ジュゴンが姿を見せるとき~』ユジク阿佐ヶ谷での上映が決定しました!

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9/11/17 原一男さんから映画『ZAN ~ジュゴンが姿を見せるとき~』へのレビューが届きました!

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映画監督の原一男さんから映画『ZAN ~ジュゴンが姿を見せるとき~』へのレビューが届きました!



2017/08/01 Theatrical release of the documentary ZAN

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ZAN, the documentary film about the last Okinawan Dugong and the destruction of nature in Henoko, Oura bay, will have it’s theatrical release on August 1st (Tuesday) at the Yokohama Cinema – Jack & Betty. The screening will be from September 30th (Saturday) to October 6th (Friday). We will also have a panel discussion on the 2nd day of screening with the director of ZAN, Rick Grehan, and producer, Kisa Midori.

Panel Discussion:
9/30 (Sat), 10/1 (Sunday) * Time will be adjusted

Director Rick Grehan,

Producer: Kisa Midori

2017/07/25 Review from Peter Barakan

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“Only three dugongs has been confirmed. You will know why the dugong lives in Henoko by watching this film. What we do not know is whether we can save the dugong from extinction.
In Henoko, there is plenty of nature, including dynamic and rare coral reefs and obviously I cannot agree on sacrificing it due to the base construction, but if I talk about it with someone, would I be arrested for conspiracy law?”
– Peter Barakan (2017)